The Biodiversity Research Collective works with Universities, State and Federal Agencies, Non-governmental organizations and the general public on issues related to biodiversity.


  • President and Secretary – Michael Russell
  • Vice President – Scot Loring
  • Treasurer – John Villella

Board of Directors

Steve Jessup, Lin Kyan, Patricia Muir, and Heather Root

Collaborating scientists

  • Lalita Calabria
    • Primary Investigator CSNM oak lichens, Primary Investigator Caribou lichen education
  • Tom Carlberg
    • CSNM oak lichens
  • Richard Callagan
    • Founding member, Board of Directors
  • Amanda Hardman
    • Founding member, Primary investigator NE Washington calicioids, CSNM oak lichens
  • Steven Jessup
    • Board of Directors, Fish Creek cryptogams
  • Adrienne Kovasi
    • FIA Lichen Air Quality Monitoring
  • Lin Kyan
    • Board of Directors, CSNM oak lichens
  • Dave Kofranek
    • Founding member, Primary Investigator of Bryophyte & Lichen Inventory of Steens Mt., OR, ISSSSP fact sheets, CSNM oak lichens
  • Scot Loring
    • Founding member, ISSSSP fact sheets, FIA Lichen Air Quality Monitoring
  • Jesse E. D. Miller
    • CSNM oak lichens
  • Patricia Muir
    • Board of Directors
  • Nils Nelson
    • CSNM oak lichens
  • Heather T. Root
    • Board of Directors
  • Michael Russell
    • Founding member, Board of Directors
  • Heather Stewart-Ahn
    • FIA Lichen Air Quality Monitoring
  • Daphne Stone
    • Founding member, Primary Investigator: Fish Creek cryptogams, ¬†Primary Investigator: ISSSSP fact sheets, Primary Investigator: Texosporium surveys, FIA Lichen Air Quality Monitoring, CSNM oak lichens
  • Deb VanPoolen
    • Caribou lichen education
  • John Villella
    • Founding member, Board of Directors, Fish Creek cryptogams, CSNM oak lichens, NE Washington calicioids, Caribou lichen education
  • Gretchen Vos
    • Founding member
  • David Wagner
    • ISSSSP factsheets